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  The Book will tell exactly how Survivors, according to Witnesses directly involved in the Accident reacted. This huge world wide multi-billion dollar Corporation ignoring constant complaints on many dangerous safety issues prioritizing profits before Plant safety. By writing this book I do not wish to bring back painful and sorrowful tears. I will do my innermost best to tell the story as it happened according to the survivors directly involved!

    The surviving Victims and Victims Families will read about true Experiences and Bravery, information detailed by the first Responders like Ralf Dean---the forklift driver and his wife Alicia, (who survived from with-in the Jacobs work Trailers), without mercy she was ripped and pummeled by the Explosion's Shockwave. Also true testimony's from Firefighters who rescued helpless victims from certain death from this Start-up Maintenance procedure that crumbled to the Ground During the refueling process. Please share your life changing Experiences  with Me in order for Me to describe the Story as it truly occurred, I would respectfully appreciate information on what was happening days before this unbelievable Accident that changed your Lives.

     I will share with You my heart breaking moments and news of the terrible Explosion just three days after my  vacation in Houston Texas. The very last days of my Father in-law's life before he was  killed . Believe it or not Arturo Ramos with all the years of experience and Knowledge dealing with oil Companies, anticipated and sensed His death. He told me he had  observed ridiculous mistakes being committed, curiously causing him to focus on Maintenance shortcuts being taken.

        Pop's had deep, daily concerns! Daily safety routines were skipped along with inexperienced personnel attempting to complete the planned maintenance on time, this inspired Pop's instincts to buy life Insurance prior to the Accident. Three days later Engineers and Superintendents unprofessionally  proceeded to start up the doomed Refinery.

  Please interact with me on this matter and feel free to contact Us on our feedback Page available twenty four hours a Day. Thank You for joining, "BpTexasCityStory", the Website---I look forward to hearing from You again. Share our Web site with your Friends so  we can triple and quadruple our Members---so as to demonstrate our unity and concern for safety to the corporate Giants that We---will not tolerate carelessness and negligence. The Texas City Plant unwisely slashed important safety Manuals and awards Programs. Among the reductions at Texas City:

   Cut inspectors and maintenance workers by the dozens to save just over $1 million. Eliminate safety calendars: $40,000 in savings.  Reduce purchases of safety shoes for employees: $50,000 in savings. Eliminate safety awards: $75,000 in savings.

    All designed to constitute  respect and education for safety awareness, to keep us from danger. Our Leaders, Fathers, Engineers, Geologist, Technicians, Office Workers and safety Coordinators the foundation to our Destiny, Top Executives like Don Paris, at the BP Texas City Plant, selfishly ignored  Amoco's original safety culture and management Programs and worked quickly to complete Projects on a process to process basis and ignore safety challenges that existed.