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Chapter 3


Bp Texas City Story


Can you smell the flowers 


BP's Texas City Refinery is spread across two square miles of the flat south Texas landscape, its Dark bulky tanks and towers are surrounded by chain-link fence. It is one of the largest and most ancient refineries in the United States; it is capable of producing a large percentage of the nation's gasoline. The humming of its turbines can be heard vibrating and singing in the air, the smell of oil and gas hovers within its perimeter. At night, many light bulbs give it a bright decorating effect witch glows afar, resembling a large city. In the 1930s the refinery was built by Pan American Refining Corp., but many owners have since, come and gone.

            Three days before this horrible accident at the Texas City Refinery I sat with Arturo Ramos and my Mother in-law beside his beautiful swimming pool. It was a beautiful evening and we gazed at the water, which was gleaming with ripples, and beautiful rainbows hovering above. That was Pops favoriteís choir at home, cleaning and beautifying his pool.

            Arturo is a welding inspector for a company contracted by Jacobs Engineering and he began to speak of many things I didnít feel obliged to say anything and Pops spoke with a sense of curiosity and excitement. He never really said a whole lot until recently we began to bond. I listen intently and I was certain that he worried about welding inspections that he performed at the plant. Now Papi would come home with an impressive smile and head up proud as ever. He would tell me, I canít believe what happened today at the shutdown.

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