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chapter 6


Bp Texas City Story


The Hour of the explosion


Arthur Galvan Ramos settled among his operatives at the Texas City refinery on March 23, 2005 Surrounded by two square miles of flat south Texas landscape. An incredible refinery with white and grayish tanks, towers and stacks releasing there emissions high into the sky. Surrounded by chain link fence, the plant was BP, (British Petroleum), Texas City, Texas, the largest of its five US refineries in the nation. Production from its huge engines an compressors buzzed and vibrated echo's from unit to unit. An enormous amount of gasoline was being produced each year from the many distinct refining units that circumference  BP Texas City

The air was littered with scents of pungent chemicals mixed with the fresh smell of seawater. At night its hundreds of glowing bright bulbs personating an imposing picture of a small community. The BP supervisors responsible for the turnaround and maintenance of the plants isomerisation unit were very satisfied with the speed and progress of their  crucial operation. The scheduled shutdown of the isom unit endured for nearly four weeks and completion was ahead of schedule. Encouraging the many workers involved with the various ongoing shutdowns, BP officials catered the crews with a special luncheon, of fajitas from gringos Mexican cafe. At approximately 12:00 pm during the lunch festivity multiple contractors sat together with many of the BP workers. Arthur Ramos (Pops) enjoyed the fellowship of his fellow co-workers listening to the clever conversation and enjoying the tasty meal provided by his Piers. Jonathan McDaniel, Lorena Cruz Alexander and and her husband Glen Alexander sat nearby participating in the morning s activities and humble conversations!

Congratulations were being exchanged , one hundred days with no accidents or lost time. The specialized crews labored safely with tremendous determination to complete the turnaround operations, quickly and safely. The turnaround was a huge success, considering the many complaints about the safety an condition of the entire facility, joy and pride enveloped the occasion.

 James and Linda Rowe sat nearby , they were anticipating the arrival of their daughter, Eva Rowe who embarked from Hornbeck, Louisiana and was traveling the distance along the interstate that connected Louisiana to the friendly State of Texas. Eva Rowe intended to be with her Mother and Father for the Easter Holiday. Linda and James understood their daughter Eva. Prior to the Texas City turnaround Eva constantly hinted to her mother to leave the refinery work. She did not feel secure with her loving Mothers desire to earn a substantial wage working in a dangerous environment. The BP plant had been known to have non illusory  dangers along with the ten years  of neglect related accidents . Eva simply did not feel at ease with her parents duties and the fast paced situation, she expressed her concerns with no avail  As Eva's road trip to Texas City was coming to and end , she could feel a desire to be with her beautiful Mother and Father and other family members, she entertained the thoughts of her beautiful family together , celebrating the Easter Holliday.

Pop's quietly spoke to Mr. McDaniel's, his good friend and BP advisor about safety issues, Pops began to reminisce modestly----his family was coming in from Garden City who rarely had the occasions to visit the Houston area. Pops reveled to his trusty companions how he prepared his family a wonderful reunion at his home located in the Greater Houston area.





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