Plant Reductions                                         

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Among the reductions at Texas City:

Cut inspectors and maintenance workers by the dozens to save just over $1 million.

Eliminate safety calendars: $40,000 in savings.

Reduce purchases of safety shoes for employees: $50,000 in savings.

Eliminate safety awards: $75,000 in savings.

    Pat Nickerson, a former construction adviser at the plant, said in an interview that he noticed a steady degradation of safety culture and maintenance. When he mentioned his concerns to his bosses, he said they told him to "keep my mouth shut and don't worry about it."

    According to a 2007 government investigation, BP dismantled Amoco's centralized health and safety management system and replaced it with a system that varied from operation to operation, a shift that investigators later said "resulted in a loss of focus on process


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