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BP Texas City Story

I present to the public BP Texas City Story. An incredible Non fiction Literal writing based on a true story of an industrial refinery, responsible for  accidentally killing fifteen construction workers and injuring many many more. My website will present Bp Texas City Explosion, THE BOOK CLUB. On our website customers will have an opportunity to pre-register to buy the e-Book. I believe there will be many who will be interested in this story very similar to a documentary! The pre registration process will help me to decide how many e-Books will be sold before publication begins.. When completed my e-Book will be available in a standard reading format and customers will receive a fully encrypted version of the e-Book.

       I also will include a special gift, an  Audio book of the explosion. A DVD Rom that will include stories from some of victims family members, I ask the  families to find the strength and come forward and talk about the accident? Tell me how there lives changed the moment of the disaster, and how they managed to cope with this horrible ordeal . With  respect to the victims families, talking about the accident and the families loved ones will be very difficult and  some of us may not want to talk. That will be truly understandable an I will honor there wishes . Personally I lost a great friend in a Father in law in the explosion. Before his death he began to speak to me and accept me as his son in law. I would call him,  Papi, I accepted him as my mentor and I admired him very much just as a  father. Stories like mine are painful ,sentimental, to talk about. Often when writing this story, the pain that my wife endured for so long, makes me sad and I cry. I Hope and pray that when my Father in-law died that he felt no pain. This may be more than most families can bear an I apologize for digging up old bones, I only wish to tell a true and bring awareness to industrial safety

    30 percent of all profits derived from the e-Book sales will go to charities that you the public will choose during your registration process. Many charities are in great need of financial assistance. I pledge to donate to the Local food banks and homeless shelters in the United Stated. Other of my favorite charities I hope to help, are (safety and safety awareness organizations),

     Many companies teach safety training and safety awareness. These programs that I mentioned are essential in preventing accidents like BP. However budget cuts don't always allow for these programs and Labor Town would like to help. Owners could have prevented the accident with basic communication between engineers, superintendents and contractors. Employees who are employed as safety coordinators and safety chiefs should be utilized to the fullest, because they are trained to sense and recognize danger . There authority and power should not be altered never! I can safely express the fact that if these measures I mentioned would have been followed the lives of the workers may have been spared. 

      Thank you very much for your interest on this presentation and I hope you will enjoy my e-Book and the included talking book.


   Thank You for your consideration and for reserving your copy of My E-book ---Members are eligible for discounts on E-book, by registering before publication of BP Texas City Story.

 Look for  unbelievable and revealing stories of Bravery, Honor and Challenge. Based on the  testimony from workers who turned rescuers and other helpless co-workers who watched there loved ones perish before there eyes.

Book Selling Price  $24.00

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Sincerely, Enrique Gonzales


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