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BP Texas City Story


Presenting The BP Texas City Story
































Bp Texas City Story

The Arthur Ramos story

    On March 23, 2005, an explosion, followed by a massive shock Wave, occurred at the British Petroleum-Amoco Oil Refinery. The accident took place during the start up process of the ongoing turnaround of a special isomerisation unit specially designed to make high octane Fuel. Fifteen contract Employees died and 180 injured. The majority of the fatalities occurred near and around the work Trailers and temporary Offices. Investigators said Fuel escaped like a volcano from a blow down  drum with a Stack, designed for venting and safety relief. Ultimately the released Hydrocarbons generated  a massive vapor cloud that quickly and with out warning ignited into, "An Inferno."

    I dedicate this Web Site in honor of the 15 construction workers who lost their Lives in the British Petroleum Texas City Explosion. I would like The Public to know that I am writing a true Story about Arthur Galvan, Ramos and the shocking explosion that occurred that  Day in, " Texas City, Texas." My Story begins three days before the blast occurred, and will continue with many extraordinary true events containing bravery and honor. I will also elaborate substantially on Organizations and Government Agencies whom were angry at British Petroleum- Amoco.                

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